Fairlife Protein Shake vs. Premier Protein Shake: What's the Best One? (2023)

Protein shakes work as rich sources of protein, and these drinks can work as a great supplement to your diet. Especially when someone has limited access to meals with high-quality protein, they can use these shakes that are made with protein powder and water or some other liquid. If someone isn’t able to get their needed protein from their foods alone, or someone needs to increase their protein intake, protein shakes can be highly beneficial for them.

Two of the best protein shake brands that come with the best protein shakes out there are Fairlife Protein Shake and Premier Protein Shake. Both of these brands bring in great meal replacement protein shakes that work really well in terms of providing you with your needed protein.

You can find different types of protein shakes out there in the market. You can get protein powder and shake yourself by mixing water or something else. Or, you can get ready-made liquid protein shakes.

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Comparison Overview

If you are out in the market to get yourself a protein shake that will fulfill your protein needs by increasing your protein intake, and will work as a supplement to your meals, you can easily go for either of the mentioned two. But you might want to know which one will suit you better and provide you with your essential protein and nutrients.

You’ll need to be careful in choosing the ideal protein shake for you, as your health depends on it. For your convenience, we will compare the Fairlife Protein Shake and Premier Protein Shake in this article so that you can choose the healthiest protein shakes conveniently based on your needs and preferences.

Let’s have a look at the comparison between the Fairlife Protein Shakes and Premier Protein Shakes.

Fairlife Protein Shake vs. Premier Protein Shake: What's the Best One? (2)

Fairlife Protein Shake vs. Premier Protein Shake: What's the Best One? (3)

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Fairlife Core Power Protein Shake

Premier Protein Shake

Main Ingredients

Main Ingredients

Contains vitamin C, D, E, and Zinc alongside essential amino acids

Protein Level

Protein Level

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Contains Vitamin D, Calcium, etc. along with 9 Essential Amino Acids

Has 24 vitamins and minerals that will support your immune system



Lactose-free and Ultra-Filtered Milk is Used

Low fat



Comes in 7 different flavors

Comes in 12 unique flavors




Have artificial sweeteners

Not for Lactose-Intolerants

Overview of Fairlife Protein Shakes

For people who want to have a high-protein but low-carb meal, Fairlife shakes do an excellent job for them. Each serving of these sakes contains only two grams of sugar and 150 calories, which is ideal for people trying to have a healthy weight. They contain 42 grams of whey protein.

These shakes are made with premium ultra-filtered milk of Fairlife, so they are high in various nutrients like calcium. They are also really delicious to drink and work as a great afternoon-snack option. They come with the proper amount of nutrients.

People that are lactose-intolerant can’t go for milk-derived protein or whey protein, but these shakes will provide you with your needed whey protein even if you are lactose-intolerant. The milk used in this protein shake is lactose-free, and also la tase enzyme is added with the shakes that will help you to digest it easily.

Fairlife protein shakes come in various flavors, but it’s best to use vanilla flavor if you use it as a base and add other flavors or fruits. They work best for muscle recovery after workouts.

Top Features

  • Lactose-free and Ultra-Filtered Milk is Used
  • Very High in Protein
  • Contains Vitamin D, Calcium, etc. along with 9 Essential Amino Acids
  • Works Great as Post-Workout Recovery Drink
  • Creamy Flavor
  • Gluten-Free
  • Shelf-stable
  • No-Chalky aftertaste


  • Might taste too sweet for some
  • Have artificial sweeteners
  • Don’t have enough nutrients to work as a proper meal replacement

Overview of Premier Protein Shakes

Premier protein shakes are great supplements for providing you with your recommended amount of protein per day. It can also help provide the nutrients needed by your body. These shakes can be of huge help to you in building your muscle mass. After conducting a heavy workout, your muscles can get torn. The essential amino acids these protein shakes come with can help to heal and repair your muscle tissue after workouts.

So many gym enthusiasts and athletes avoid sugar, as too much sugar intake can cause low energy, fatigue, and weight gain. Many proteins shakes contain sugar to make them taste better and hide the chalky taste of protein. But premier protein shakes aren’t loaded with sugar, so you’ll be able to get your needed protein without intaking the extra sugar.

They come with 160 calories per bottle, which is more than per serving of Fairlife Protein Shakes. It contains 30 g of protein, which is less than the Fairlife shakes. They contain little carbs and fiber, so you won’t be able to use them as a meal replacement. Instead, you can drink them as ideal meal supplements.

Premier protein shakes come in various flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, caramel, cream, etc. It also comes in a cafe latte flavor that contains caffeine, so it works great for breakfast.


Top Features

  • Low fat
  • Low Sugar
  • Kosher
  • Free of Gluten and Soy
  • Coffee Flavor contains Caffeine
  • Some of the flavors can be used as a coffee creamer
  • Can be paired with fruits or other snacks for getting enough protein
  • Can be used in various recipes
  • Comes in various delicious flavors
  • Contains vitamin C, D, E, and Zinc alongside essential amino acids
  • Has 24 vitamins and minerals that will support your immune system


  • Can’t be used as a meal replacement
  • Has artificial sweeteners
  • Not for Lactose-Intolerants

Fairlife Protein Shake Vs Premier Protein Shake: Who’s the Clear Winner?

So now that we’ve looked at each protein shake brand and what makes it unique, it’s time to decide which one is right for you. The truth is, both Fairlife and Premier Protein are great brands, and they each have their own strengths.

If you’re looking for a protein shake that’s lower in calories, then Fairlife is the better option. However, if you want a protein shake with slightly higher protein content and a great flavor, then Premier Protein is the way to go.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your own personal preferences. So, make sure to try out both Fairlife and Premier Protein protein shakes and see which one you like best.

Final Words

Both Fairlife Protein Shakes and Premier Protein Shakes come with huge benefits. Protein shakes of both these brands will provide you with your needed protein. You can use them conveniently as meal supplements, but you won’t be able to do so as meal replacements. You will still need to have meals for your necessary nutrition, as they don’t provide enough nutrients other than protein.

On the other hand, if you are not lactose-intolerant, and you want an option with low fat, sugar, free of gluten and soy, you can go for Premier Protein Shakes. These shakes also come with a decent amount of proteins and carbs, so you will get your necessary protein, and your muscles will be recovered. They come with 24 vitamins and minerals that will help your immune system too. Premier Protein Shakes come in various great flavors, making them a highly delicious option. You can also use them in other recipes.

So, make sure to choose one based on your needs and preferences.

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Fairlife Protein Shake vs. Premier Protein Shake: What's the Best One? (4)

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Is Premier protein or Fairlife better? ›

Fairlife shakes are easier on the stomach since they're lactose-free, so while Premier shakes are also light, Fairlife is arguably the better choice for those following strict diets. However, Premier shakes are available in more unique flavors, so you can try different ones until you find one you like.

What is the difference between Premier protein and Fairlife protein? ›

Although Fairlife shakes have more calories and protein per serving, making them slightly better for those with muscle-building goals, Premier shakes are low in fat, so they're excellent for anyone looking to lose weight.

Which company protein shake is best? ›

Our Top-Rated Protein Powders
  • NOW Whey Protein Isolate Powder.
  • Garden of Life Sport Grass-Fed Whey.
  • Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey.
  • ProWhey Protein Powder by Vital Nutrients.
  • Orgain Organic Protein Powder.
  • Orgain Organic Plant-Based Protein + Superfoods Powder.
  • Vega Protein and Greens.

Is Fairlife protein shake worth it? ›

We do not recommend Fairlife protein shakes or Fairlife Elite protein shakes. While both products contain an effective protein dose for muscle building and recovery, they also contain a number of additive ingredients we recommend avoiding.


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